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• Låt Målningar
             (Song Paintings)

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             The Real Transformed

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Karlyn Atkinson Berg

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Karlyn Atkinson Berg and Puppy

Karlyn Atkinson Berg

I am fascinated with arranging colors and shapes; searching for visual meaning until a finished piece finally emerges. A single color or shape may spark an entire composition.

As I collect materials, they seem to connect individually or in groups. From those materials, I begin to seek an interaction in space and form. Each added element will build on the previous one by changing, adding, or even eliminating the other components.

Knowing what to remove becomes as important as knowing what to add to the work. Some compositions blend in harmony, while others create discord that is both exciting and unexpected. Not all the works are harmonious or beautiful.

As the painting unfolds, images change. Some works have intense colors while other are translucent and may appear to float in space. Realistic objects may no longer be recognizable on their own and will become only an element in the larger sensibility or visual impression.

I use a variety of mediums and materials such as pastel, airbrush, acrylic, silkscreen and woodcut, printed images on paper, wood and gesso surface combined with collage. The intention of the work is a visual experience and, like the words of a poem or song, should leave you with an image and emotion.