1. Eagle, Weasel Fights Back

Inspired by Laurie Anderson’s “Speechless,” a song on the Album “Red”. She expressed a relationship theme about the dilemma of two predators in Annie Dillard’s book Pilgrimage to Tinker’s Creek.

“They fly up to nowhere. Weasel keeps hangin’ on Together forever.”

2. Four Times Gone

Inspiration from the song Four Times Gone by Stone Coyotes

“There were girls with dangling earrings on…. and they spoke to me in the hours before the dawn”

20” x 20”

3. Taking the World by Storm

Inspiration from the song “Taking the World by Storm" by Lukas Graham.

“I wanna see what I haven’t seen”…

“I wanna live and learn, Don’t matter if I land or if I fall”…

“I take the world by storm”

20” x 20”

4. Horses, Horses, Horses

Inspiration from Patti Smith’s song, Horses

A Triptych with a bit of Punk Renaissance?

“horses, horses, horses, horses coming in all directions white shining silver studs with their nose in

Horses, Horses, Horses. Left Panel

Horses, Horses, Horses. Middle Panel

Horses, Horses, Horses. Right Panel


Inspiration from the song, “Tangled Up in Blue," Bob Dylan

“We just saw it from a different point of view”

6. House of Confusion

Inspiration from the song by Stone Coyotes

“In the House of Confusion Lit by the lamp of fantasy”

20” x 20”

7. Major Tom, Spiders from Mars and One Suffragette

Inspiration from songs by David Bowie Space Odyssey and The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

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