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Karlyn Atkinson Berg

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Karlyn Atkinson Berg

Ghosts of MaiinganGhosts of Ma'iingan
This contribution to the Book of Death emerges from my despair over the continuing destruction of predators, and in particular the coyote and the wolf. Despair because we are about to repeat the same antiquated intense and cruel extermination programs.

The Ontological Museum is pleased to present A Book About Death, a sprawling, collaborative unbound "book" on the subject of death. The opening, on Friday, October 8, 2010 at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center brings together hundreds of artists in a global exhibition that honors the late artist Ray Johnson (1927-1995), whose own work inspired this exhibition; Emily Harvey (1941-2004); and the artists themselves, who have presented their unique visions of the subject through combinations of art, photography, and text.

FluxFace In SpaceFluxFace In Space - ( Not for sale )
A 4x6 Collage, is in a permanent collection of Fluxface Museum. Includes on-line exhibition and catalog and will be aboard the last space shuttle mission flight 134. Like winged birds and angels man now takes to flight. Now man reaches high into to space where colors, meteors, and other beautiful worlds put mankind in awe. I hope that space will be a place to explore, not just astronomy, but like art, opening our eyes to a universe of beauty.

Utilizing the Face In Space Program from NASA - The "Fluxface in Space" exhibition will launched into orbit on the last two Space Shuttles! These final missions include a rendezvous with the International Space Station. 127 artists from 25 nations created an original postcard sized works of art, in various media, interpreting the themes of Space Exploration & the Arts, the Shuttle Program, Outer Space, Rockets, Astronauts, Astronomy etc. This is a commemorative project around the fact that the Space Shuttle program comes to an end after these last two flights.

November 14 - December 31, 2020
Arts Benicia, Benicia, California


Bird Land and the Man with Enormous Wings
Inspired by Gabriel Garcia Marquez from his short story "The Very Old Man with Enormous Wings" in the book the Leaf Storm.
The Luminous Can Be Seen If You Go Slow

The Luminous Can Be Seen If You Go Slow
This painting was inspired by Buddhist monk Haemin Sunim and his book "The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down" about faith and mindfulness. I thought what might people see if they slowed down in nature and what small creatures might appear, be hidden or be imagined.
Taking The World By Storm

Taking The World By Storm
Inspiration from the song "Taking ghe world by Storm" by Lukas Graham. "I wanna see what I haven't seen...", "I wanna live and learn, Don't matter if I land or if I fall..." I take the world by storm.

This exhibition showcases a diverse selection of artworks inspired by
a literary text, quote, lyrics, or phrase.
Juror's Statements

The "Get the Message: Words and Images", loosely. Art is a style, plus content, the visual object plus the plus underlying context or subtext. Idealy, the visible and invisible aspects merge into a sum greater than the parts, but the mixture of elements is not always 50-50. At the extrees lie pure beauty - i.e., the abstract formalist 'pure' abstract painting the 1960s - and pure message, i.e., some of the more conceptually based art to the present day. The juror's job is to evaluate how well the visual and verbal aspects work together, while keeping in mind, and in perspective, the pendulum swings of culture. Ben Shahn said that style is the shape of content which is true most of the time, but there are fast (i.e. fixed) rules in art, which should be viewed as slowly and thoughtfully as it demands, or time allows. This exhibition is a broad and compelling snapshot of how artists of conscience are dealing with the current crisis of meaning in our "bread-and-circuses" culture of naked ambition clothed in empty spectacle. Art is the guarantee of sanity, as Louise Bourgeois says.
About the Juror: DeWitt Cheng is an art writer/critic based in the Sanfrancisco Bay Area. He has written for twenty years for regional and national publications, in print and online, including: SanFrancisceArtMagazine.com, DailyGusto.com, ArtBusiness.com, VisualArtSource.com, Artweek, Art Ltd., Artillery, East Bay Express, East Bay Monthly, Sculpture, Modo, Artomity and his blog, ArtOpticon.us, with articles archived at Authory.com. He has written dozens of catalogue essays for artists,, galleries and museums, and is the author of "inside Out: The Paintings of William Harsh". He served as the curator at Stanford Art Spaces from 2013 to 2016, and later Peninsula Museum of Art, from 2017 to 2020. He has a BA in Art History from Stanford and an MFA in Drawing and Painting from San Francisce State University.

Elephant Walk

Wild Things
- November 2021
at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod,
Cape Cod, Massachusetts


Foot in the Door 5 - The Virtual Exhibition
November 1, 2020 - January 10, 2021 at Minneapolis Institure of Art, Minnesota
Since 1980, "Foot in the Door" has been an open exhibition for Minnesotan artists of all ages to present their work at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. The exhibition occurs once every 10 years, and by now, generations of artists have participated in it. The sole curatorial criteria? All submissions must measure at or under 12 inches in height, width, and depth - literally inviting atists to place "a foot" in the museum's galleries.
Serving as a snapshot of Minnesota's creative scene, "Foot in the Door 5" celebrates the talent, diversity, and enthusiasm of our state's visual artists. To prioritize safety for artists, visitors, and staff alike, this celebration of our community's creativity is entirely virtual this year.

The Iron Range Tourism Bureau commissioned project.

Karlyn Atkinson Berg was one of the artists asked to create paintings within the theme "Looking Forward: Creating and Celebrating the Future of the Iron Range" for the Iron Range Tourism Bureau.

In August of 2019, scans of nine original paintings were installed on the outside of downtown storefronts in Mesabi Iron Range communities. The project was called Art of Community, and it was made possible with a grant from Iron Range Resources, an investment by the Iron Range Tourism Bureau, and assistance from the Lyric Center for the Arts.

Future of the Iron Range
Future of the Iron Range
Future of the Iron Range

This collage was done on two canvases each about 18 x 20 and submitted as a diptych. It was scanned in Duluth and then it was sent to a company that enlarged it into a large window gel. It was a challenge for me to create because my work is pretty abstract, but the project had to show the attractions of Northern Minnesota as part of the tourism promotion of our area.

MacRostie Art Center, Grand Rapids, MN
Current Position: Administrative Assistant, Edge Center for the Arts - Bigfork, MN

Now available Giclee prints of the original works. The highest quality Giclee prints on Hahn, Bamboo Paper and cards on Fine art Premier and Das paper If they are not in current inventory they can be ordered.

Karlyn works in several mediums, including airbrush, collage, printmaking, pastels, acrylic, and gouache. Karlyn works and is accomplished in calligraphy, fiber arts, and quilting.

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